Here you can find more than 100 resources that might come in useful if you are interested in Field Recording, Sound Design, SFX creation, Filmsound and Game Audio. Check out some blog sites, social media groups, podcasts or YouTube channels. There is some interesting stuff to discover there.

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Tonebenders PodcastPodcast
Audiophiles Podcast (Music production)Podcast
LA Post Production Podcast (Audio Post & Sound Design)Podcast
Soundworks Collection PodcastPodcast
Twenty Thousand HertzPodcast
The Game Audio PodcastPodcast
The Asoundeffect PodcastPodcast
The Sound Design Academy PodcastPodcast
Immersive Audio PodcastPodcast
Sound Design Live PodcastPodcast
Game Audio PodcastsPodcast
Soundbytes (Sound Design, Game Audio)Podcast
Sonic FieldBlog
Sound Art & Field Recording BlogBlog
Field Recording BlogBlog
LostChoclateLab (Game Audio Blog)Blog
The Pro Audio Files (Audio Tech, Music Production & Sound Design)Blog
Gareth Fry (Location Sound, Sound Design Blog)Blog
PSE (Blog Sound Effects Recording)Blog
Audiokinetic Wwise BlogBlog
Unreal Engine 4 Audio BlogBlog
Technical Field Recording by Ian Smith (Field Recording Blog)Blog
Nicolas Titeux (Sound Design)Blog
Sound Librarian Blog & TutorialsBlog
Creating Sound (Sound Design Blog)Blog
WeSoundEffects (Sound Design & Recording Blog)Blog
Asoundeffect Blog & NewsBlog
FMOD & Unity Learning ResourceBlog
The Sound Space (Pete Smith, Field & Nature Sound Recording)Blog
Adam Croft (Game Audio Learning Resource)Blog
Designing Sound (Blog Sound Design)Blog
Game Industry Career Guide (Game Audio Blog)Blog
Field Recording BlogBlog
BoomBox Post (Blog Sound Effects Recording)Blog
Sounds Like Noise (Blog Field Recording Blog)Blog
Wildmountainechoes (Field Recording Blog)Blog
Bedroomproducer Blog (Free VST, DAW, Sounds, News, etc)Blog
Guido Helbling (Blog Sound Design, Field Recording, Film Sound)Blog
Everyday Listening - Sound Art, Field Recording & Sound Design Blog.Blog
David Dumais Audio (Game Audio Blog)Blog
Quiet Planet (Gordon Hampton is a legend in Nature Sound Recording / No SSL certificate, but its safe!)Blog
Soundworks Collection BlogBlog
The Sound Architect (Game Audio, Film Sound, News)Blog
Audioshade (Field Recording Blog)Blog
Fmod BlogBlog
Avosound (Field Recording Articles, News, Tutorials)Blog
Natur Tilgner (Legend of Nature Sound Recording)Blog
Game Audio Courses, Blog & VideosBlog
Gamesoundcon (Game Audio Blog, Industry news, survey)sBlog
Attackmagazin (Music Production, Sound Design, Modular Synth)Blog
Randy Thom Sound For Film & Sound DesignbBlog
Lewitt Audio Blog (Field Recording Diary I and II by Daniel Meuser)Blog
Cinematic Sound TraineeBlog
Acoustic Ecology Institute (Acoustic Ecology)Blog
Space Audio (Field Recording Blog)Blog
Epic Sound (Guide to SFX creation)Blog
Sound Ark (Blog Field Recording, Sound Map)Blog
Thomas Rex Beverly (Field Recording, Nature Sounds)Blog
Acoustic Nature (Field Recording Blog)Blog
Gamasutra (Game Audio Blog, Industry News, Jobs, Tutorials)Blog
Naturtonmeister (Nature Sound Blog / No SSL certificate, but its safe!)Blog
Creative Field Recording Blog
Icons8 (UI Sound Design)Blog
Wolffilms (Film Sound Design, Location Sound Tutorials, German)Blog
Krotos Audio BlogBlog
Sound Mind Michał Fojcik (Blog, Recording, Sound Design)Blog
Creative Field Recording Blog
344 audio (Postpro, Sound Design)Blog
Alessandro Famá (FMOD & Wwise Implementation)Blog
Phil Michalski (Blog Sound Design)Blog
Audio Engineering (RD)Social Media
Audio Post Production (RD)Social Media
Free Instruments, Effects (RD)Social Media
Production & Post-Production Sound for Film (RD)Social Media
Advanced Production (RD)Social Media
Sound Design (RD)Social Media
Game Audio (RD)Social Media
Pro Tools (RD)Social Media
Unity 3D (RD)Social Media
Unreal Engine 4 (RD)Social Media
How to make that sounds (RD)Social Media
Location Sound (RD)Social Media
Game Sound Design (FB)Social Media
Facebook 360 Spacial Sound (FB)Social Media
Indie Game Audio (FB)Social Media
Video Game Composers (FB)Social Media
Sound Design (FB)Social Media
The Foley Artist (FB)Social Media
Sound Design (FB)Social Media
Sound Design Only (FB)Social Media
SoundGirls (FB)Social Media
Field Recording (FB)Social Media
Field Recording (FB)Social Media
Sound Design (FB)Social Media
Sound Design (FB)Social Media
Unity Developers (FB)Social Media
Hey Audio Student (FB)Social Media
Production & Post-Production Sound for Film/Video (FB)Social Media
Sound Design (DC)Social Media
Reddit Pro Audio Network (DC)Social Media
Game Audio Playthrough (DC)Social Media
Blip Sounds (DC)Social Media
Cujo Sound (DC)Social Media
Stack Exchange Sound Design (Forum, Community centered around Sound Design)Social Media
Twitter #GameaudioSocial Media
Twitter #SounddesignSocial Media
Twitter #FilmsoundSocial Media
Twitter #ProaudioSocial Media
Richard Devine (Sound Design, Experimental MusicYoutube
Game Audio AnalysisYoutube
Aaron Brown Sound DesignYoutube
Cujo SoundYoutube
Marshall McGeeYoutube
Akash Thakkar (Wwise, Fmod, Reaper, Job advice, Sound Design)Youtube
Reel Talk (Game Audio Demo Reel Feedback)Youtube
8-Bit Music Theory (Game Music Composition)Youtube
Game Score Fanfare (Game Music Composition)Youtube
Sound Spark Chase (Game Audio, Sound Design)Youtube
Victor Zottmann Sound DesignYoutube
INDEPTH Sound Design Youtube
Rick Allen SFX Recording & Sound DesignYoutube
Nathan Smith (Recording, Sound Design)Youtube
The Audio Programmer (Audio Programing)Youtube
Dan Reynolds (UE4 Audio Implementation)Youtube
George Vlad (Nature & Wildlife Sound Recording)
Watson Wu (SFX Recording)
Robbie Elias (SFX Recordings)
Joe Hudson (UE4 Audio Implementation)Youtube
Alex Knickerbocker (SFX Recording)
X-Raym (Reaper Tutoral & Scripts)Youtube
Christopher Scullion (Sound Design & Music Production)
Greg White (Modular Synth & Experimental Music)
Travis Fodor (Sound Design, Modular Synth)
FmodTV (FMOD Implmenetation)Youtube
Russian Punch Production (Game Audio & Implementation)Youtube
Eytan Krief (Sound Design)Youtube
Audiokinetic (Wwise Implmentation)Youtube
Dude 837 (Max/MSP)Youtube
Anastasia Devana (Fabric & Fmod)Youtube
Game Audio AnalysisYoutube
Jake Butineau (Game Audio Composition)Youtube
Film Sound Tutorials (Film Sound, Dialog Editing)Youtube
Scott Game Sounds (Fmod, Wwise, Unity, UE4)Youtube
Alessandro Famá (Fmod, Unity)Youtube
Reaper Blog VideosYoutube
Game Audio Resource (Wwise, UE4)Youtube
Video Game Music Academy (Game Music Composition)Youtube
Beat Therapy (Game Music, Sound Design, Fmod)Youtube
Steven Melin (Game Music Composition & Industry Advice)Youtube
Hiss & Roar - Sound EffectsYoutube
The SFX Guy (Sound Design & Game Audio)Youtube
Cinema SoundYoutube
Benni Knob (Audio Post Pro, Sound Design)Youtube
Ongaku Concept (Game Music)Youtube
Inside the scope (Film Music Composition)Youtube
Andrew Huang (Music Production, Modular Synth, Experimental)Youtube
ADSR (Sound Design, Musicproduction)Youtube
Eric Kühn (Audio Pos-Pro, Music Production, Sound Design & Game Audio)Youtube
Academy Originals (Film Making, Film Sound, Sound Design)Youtube
Pure Data (Playlist)Youtube
JUCE (Audio Programming)Youtube
Getting Started With MaxMSP (Playlist)Youtube
Musicradar (Music Tech, News, Sound Design & Music Production Tutorials)Youtube
Into the Lair (Music Production Tutorials)Youtube
Inside Synthesis (Sound Design)Youtube
Imphenzia (Game Dev, Game Audio, SFX recording)Youtube
Game From Scratch (GameDev, Game Audio)Youtube
Curtis Judd (Location Sound, Gear, News & Tutorals)Youtube
Designing Sound Youtube
The Recordist (Sound Effects Recording)Youtube
BlinkFarm (Film Sound, Sound Effects)Youtube
TEDx Talks on the subject of Sound DesignYoutube
Pheeks Coaching Corner (Sound Design)Youtube
SeamlessR (Sound Design)Youtube
Generative and Procedural Sound Design (Playlist)Youtube
Junky XL (Film Sound Composition)Youtube
XSSR Music Academy (Music Production, Sound Design)Youtube
David Farmer (Sound Effects Recording)Youtube
School Of Video Game Audio (Playlist)Youtube
cactuzz sound (Sound Design)Youtube
Ben Minto (Game Audio, Gun Sound Recording)Vimeo
Sound Design Tutorials (Sound Design)Twitch
Reel Talk (Game Audio Demo Reel Feedback)Twitch
Game Audio Hour (Game Audio Talk)Twitch
Sound Effects SearchUtility
The Bible of Getting a Job in Game Audio (Florian Titus Ardelean)Utility
Audio GANG (Game Audio Network & News)Utility
Audio Industry NewsUtility
Pro Audio ForumUtility
GDC Vault (Game Audio)Utility
Sound Map For Nature SoundsUtility
Book FMOD Game Audio Utility
Cryengine Tutorials (Specially on Game Audio Implementation)Utility
News Blog & Tutorials on Game AudioUtility
Standard for Sound Effects MetadataUtility
App for Monitoring Aircraft NoiseUtility
Noise Map USUtility
How to record Impulse ResponsesUtility
Soundlister (Find Audio Professionals, Audio Jobs)Utility (Audiojobs)Utility
SPARTA (Best Sounding Free Spatial Audio Real-time Applications )Utility
ambiX v0.2.10 (Free Ambisonic plug-in suite)Utility
Envelop for M4L (Free Spacial Audio Mixing Suite For MaxForLive)Utility
IEM Plug-in Suite (Free Spacial Audio & Ambisonic Mixing Plugin Suite)Utility
Online regEx debuggerUtility
ndc Plugs (Free VST Plugins collection)Utility
Motion Picture Editors Guide (Wages, Contracts, Holidays)Utility
GRM-Player (Free Sound Design Player)Utility
Unity 3D Learning resourceUtility
Sound Particles (Free E-Book about 3D Audio)Utility
World Forum Of Acoustic EcologyUtility
Xeno Canto (Archive for Birdsong)Utility
Western Soundscape Archive (Soundscapes and Sounds Collection)Utility
DPA Mic University (Microphone Technique)Utility
Sengpil Audio (Audio Calculations, Acoustics and Microphone Technique)Utility
Schoeps Image Assistant (Audio Calculations)Utility
How to make a noise (Beginner Synth & Sound Design E-Book)Utility
ASK (Synth & Sound Design Tutorials)Utility



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