I know, I know, it's best to have foley sounds recorded by a Foley Artist. This soundpack is also not intended to replace that, but rather to complement it. In this library you will find meticulously recorded and precisely edited universal foley performances of various cloth pieces and accessories that will help any sound designer without access to a Foley Artist. Whether it is just for polishing up existing performances with great sounding sweeteners, to create interesting inventory sounds, or when it comes to finding the right sounds for animation tagging. The Library consists of 70 field with a total number of 490 sounds. Each recording consists of 7 carefully selected variations to give you the flexibility and editing power you need in your work to create a vivid and engaging experience. Various items of clothing made of various textiles, backpacks, bags, velcro fasteners and zippers are included. But accessories such as wallets, belts, jewelry, keys, drinking bottles and a smartphone should not be missing here. All sounds are clean, noise-free and recorded in high quality with ultrasonic microphones in 192kHz and 32 bit float to ensure maximum quality and flexibility in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAudio Editing and Creative Sound Design.

Modern Cloth Foley 01 is part of the Sound Themes Series by Systematic Sound.The idea behind the SOUND THEMES SERIES is to record and portrait sound related to a certain theme, subject or object of interest. The goals is to create exciting and unique sounds and make them available to other creatives to help them make they're production extraordinary, emotional and cinematic. Im always on the hunt for unique, evocative and intriguing sound to add to this Library.


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Product Specs:Sound Themes - Modern Cloth Foley 01
Audio Files:70 files, 7 sounds per file, total of 490 sounds.
Minutes of audio provided:15 min
Sample rate / bit rate:192 kHz / 32 bit float
Do Sound FX loop:No
Documentation: Metadata sheets are delivered in three different formats for your convenience:Sound Themes - Modern Cloth Foley 01.txt (tab-stop separated text document to open and edit the metadata sheet e.g. in Excel and import as a new database into Soundminer)
Sound Themes - Modern Cloth Foley 01.xls (Excel, Win & OSX)
Sound Themes - Modern Cloth Foley 01.numbers (Numbers, OSX)
Important/Additional Notes:Your download package contains all audio files in lossless .wav-format and a Docs-folder with the metadata sheets, a EULA and the readme file.