The GENERAL AMBIENCE SERIES: A modular approach to the ambitious project become one of the largest and most versatile ambience libraries on the marked. High quality, detail, versatility and diversity will set this library apart from other products. You can expect monthly releases of small ambience packs in the future to keep the quality standards high and constantly grow the library over time.

This Sound Pack is part of the General Ambience Series by Systematic Sound. Sounds Of Madrid 01 captures the sound of the Spanish Capital. You will find a fine selection of curated ambiances that are typical for a South European city. The traffic seems a bit more busy, with more scooters and motorbikes than in North European cities. People on the streets are more open and the Walla is usually a bit louder with lots of shouts and laughter. Police, ambulance and firetruck sirens have their own distinctive sound. Madrid has a lively scene when it comes to restaurants, cafés and tapas bars. I have made sure that all your „Spanish restaurant Wall“ needs are covered. Lastly you will find some transport sounds capturing the vibe of a Spanish metro and train station, as well as interior recordings of a metro and train ride.


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Product Specs:

Product Specs for General Ambience Series - Sounds Of Madrid 01
Product Specs:General Ambience Series - Sounds Of Madrid 01
Audio Files:75 files with 75 Sounds
Minutes of audio provided:358 min
Sample rate / bit rate:92 kHz / 32 bit float
Do Sound FX loop:No
Documentation: Metadata sheets are delivered in three different formats for your convenience:General Ambience Series - Sounds Of Madrid 01.txt (tab-stop separated text document to open and edit the metadata sheet e.g. in Excel and import as a new database into Soundminer)
General Ambience Series - Sounds Of Madrid 01.xls (Excel, Win & OSX)
General Ambience Series - Sounds Of Madrid 01.numbers (Numbers, OSX)
Important/Additional Notes:Your download package contains all audio files in lossless .wav-format and a documents folder with the metadata sheets, a EULA and a readme file.