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November Updates & Black Friday Sale 2020

November Updates & Black Friday Sale 2020

Black Friday SaleSound Themes - Electro Magnetic 01 is now 60% off until 30.11.2020.November UpdatesUnder the hood improvements: Improved Server speed settings, added new access points for EU, US and ASIA for better, faster & more reliable worldwide distribution....

Happy Halloween 2020!

Happy Halloween 2020!

I wanted to do this funny little Halloween clip, but then I almost burned one of my Rycotes!!! I thought that the flames would go up through the hole at the top, but then the pressure went it's way through the mouth and a big flame got spitted towards one of my mic...

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For media companies, freelancers, creators & artists.


High Quality Sounds

From concept, to recording, mixing and sound design, I take great care that my products match the high quality standards my professional clients expect.

Work Faster

All Sound Libraries are well structured, organized and tagged with extensive metadata to make sure that you get exactly what you need as fast as possible.

Fuel Your Creativity

Get inspired and fuel your creativity with new fresh & unique sounds. Find everything from immersive ambiences to hyper realistic designed sounds.

Universal Category System Compatibility.

All Systematic Sound Libraries have the newly developed UCS metadata system implemented with product updates v1.1.

The UCS is an efford to find a standard of categorizing sound effects. This will give the user the power to find things faster and work with more precision, thus getting better results in less time. It is a big chance to establish an unified language for sound metadata and file naming convention that should be adopted by as many SFX vendors as possible. That’s why I wanted to support this effort as an Early Adopter and implement this standard into my products as fast as possible.

If you need more info check out the UCS homepage:


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