In July 2020 I got busy producing five new SFX libraries for Artlist.IO. They cover a broad range of different sounds. Form more natural and organic sounding to heavy processed and designed content.

The first one was “The Espresso Ritual”. There you will find everything you need for your espresso commercial or even as foley material on films. Its basically you baristas dream library. Used several different mics, perspective etc. and condensed everything into really nice, ich and detailed sounding assets.


Next is “Talking Robots”. This library features a nice collection of classic text-to-speech sounds, classic humanoid vocal phrases, abstract and futuristic to inspection sounding robot vocalizations. This release was pretty design heavy.


For the “Animal Farm” I did some animal close-up vocalizations. The aim was to get them as clean and direct as possible, blending out the acoustical background as much as possible. This was quite post-pro heavy, but the result is a recording that sounds like recorded in a foley stage.


“Cloth, Fabrics And Accessories” gives you a basic cloth movement foley sound collection that will come in handy for every sound editor to add character and expression.


“Under Construction” features a nice collection of isolated construction sounds as well as hole scenes. It features different tools, activities and vehicles. A friend of mine owns a construction company and I got access to a construction site and got the privilege to tell the workers exactly what I needed, resolution in really detailed and clean recordings.


You can preview all sounds here.

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