DMS3DS stands for Double-Mid-Side-3D-Surround, a new way to record 3D-Audio.


What happens if you lock down a graduated Sound Designer for 6 months? Correct, he starts building his own 3D Audio Recording Array! I´m thrilled to introduce to you the DMS3DS by Daniel Meuser. This medium sized array was build  with versatility in mind without sacrificing on sound quality. It can be carried and operated by a single person setup quickly to be able to record the most cinematic sounding 3d-Audio fort he most demanding Atmos, Auro-3D or VR projects.

Right now I can’t give any infos or provide test recordings jet, but stay tuned for that (and sry for blurring out some components)! Hit me up under if you think that your project could benefit from this amazing new 3D-Audio array.

But I can share a little bit of the backstory on how this all came together: I calculated the design in 2018 after finishing my BA. Until 2020 I had never the time nor the resources to realise this project. But last year I decided to do it. I put in 18k of my own money and spend 7 month of working without earning nothing on it. I had to learn how to do technical drawing, about industrial parts, 3D-Printing how to choose the right fabrics… (okay my Mom helped me with sewing) 🙂 in short, This project brought me to the brink of a nervous breakdown lol.

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